The Utrust Employee Appreciation Program

  • The Utrust Employee Appreciation Program helps students and their school communities to recognize and show appreciation to school employees who make a difference in the lives of students each day. Utrust provides a model for schools and school districts to use to  recognize and celebrate employees. The model divides employees into eight groups and establishes an appreciation day for each group during the school year

    The program uses student leadership in the form of an  A-Team (A for appreciation) to plan and conduct a celebration on each of the appreciation days involving both the student body and the school community. The Benton County School System participates in the program again for the current school year.  

    Why do we participate?

    • Employees make a difference in students’ lives every day.
    • Appreciation creates better work and learning environments.
    • People don’t know they are appreciated unless someone tells them.
    • Structured appreciation days make sure everyone is involved and honored.
    • Showing appreciation is vital, yet often overlooked aspect of strong leadership.
    • Offers the opportunity for students to lead.
    • Appreciation is a basic skill that all students need to succeed in life.